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marcus. he has developmental issues. he is in el paso, texas, he loves the basketball team. always loved basketball. he has been the manager, but the coach thought had in his mind a plan to let him play the last minute of their last game. he wanted to give him his moment. take a look. so let me tell you what happened. they kept passing him the ball. he didn't make the shot. the ball goes out of bounds. a kid from the other team who had been watching everybody supporting the young man mitchell called to him, tossed it in to him and he made the basket. he got his moment after all. very nice. greg is looking at me and i can feel it. >> greg: what? >> dana: that sin can, this is ridiculous story. against no, it's nice to see a
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basketball story. that's all. >> kimberly: your turn. asleep at the big wheel. freddie somebody sent me this, "unicorns are jerks." a coloring book. features 18 illustration of unicorns acting like jerks. i am amazed in the 21st sen thurry this mythological bigotry exists. disgusting. write your congressman and stop the madness. disgusting. >> dana: is that real or did you draw that? >> greg: that is real. unlike you i do real things and i try to help people. >> bob: your turn, kim. >> kimberly: it's over. the show is over. >> bob: not doing your thing. >> greg: what was it? >> kimberly: about i.d.s that you can now get in new york. >> bob: finish telling us the story. >> kimberly: give one
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we will show you the video straight ahead. greg? >> no, we won't, andy. >> why are we doing the story? >> slow news day. >> i guess it was either that or the sequester. >> rut sequester. >> rut. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so cute that dora the explorer sleeps on a dana
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parino pillow. and if fierce commentary was karate lessons i would do him in the strip mall. it is jimmy mcginnis, gavin's dad. and in delaware he is considered a rest stop. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and he is so british he sneezes tine thee double decker -- sneezes tiny double decker buses. he is kind of vein if you ask me. it is not just a company, but varney and company on weekday mornings on fox business network. should our gov focus on love? a democratic congresswoman, is there any other kind introduced a bill to create a department of peace building or dopb as i like to call it. it would be a secretary of peace building and deal with domestic issues like gun violence and bullying and then
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take on international conflicts and then craft classes because we love them. anyway, she says, she invest hundred of billionses each year in the pentagon in war colleges and military academies and our defense university to develop war tactics and strategies. now we they'd that investment in -- now we need that investment in peace and nonviolence. i agree. speaking of international conflicts. >> stewart, it was the peace caw mad me and that sounds awesome. >> i am in favor of peace so long as it follows a smashing victory on our part. i love peace as long as it is a victory. >> that's the peace that matters. dana, is this what america needs? another huge federal agency to
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solve all of our problems? >> we need the secretary of adorable people. i think not to put my name out there or anything, but madam secretary would be a great term. one thing about this one, what he didn't admit was he was a part of the british peace corp back in the day. >> i was indeed. it is called volunteer service overseas and i spent a year in the mid60s in east africa jie. why did you do this? >> to get lucky? >> to go overseas. totally free and you can see the world on somebody else's dime. >> but he was a socialist at the time. >> he had no heart. now he has a brain. >> i was not a pathetic socialist. i was a communist. >> and you got to go to east africa. >> and now he is a capitalist. >> at least you admit it.
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they admit they are not liberal and they are a communist. >> welcome to the show. not a very good performance. i hope you can do better. are you for this? you have been around. you are from scotland. >> they are saying we are opening a new department of infrastructure and police, and we are going to be taking your tax dollars to provide you with services. that's the plan. you are made to provide us with peace. it reminds us in canada we have sun media and they interviewed this woman who was getting a million dollars for a modern dance grant. her point was we are working with the brain to prevent conflict. that's an actual quote. that is going on in the liberal speaks. this woman is taking the mentality and going that sounds like a good department. let's get some more money. >> it has been around forever. the interesting thing is i looked at the legislation and it specifically mentions that you would not be covered by
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it. people could feel free to commit violence against you. >> maybe that turns me on. in reality you are doing me a favor. pleasure and pain. >> no more departments. create a department about getting rid of departments. this is an idea that started with dennis could you -- den physician kusinich. i realize he is a fox news contributor now. welcome, dennis. he can share an office with me. but the problem is with the -- this is the new democratic party and not the old one. the old one is a lot for -- a lot more floury, hipy, dippy notions. it represents people like obama, the greatest wartime president of our time and all of those things. no department of peace. i like the peace corp and it has done a lot more for peace than the department has. i don't care how many poly cotton blend t-shirts they have made. >> we need a department of
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know. >> i don't know how to read. i get my talking points via google search. >> it is sad the way he scribbles his name with the backward letters and we think he is being funny, but it is actually a problem. >> does he make a heart over the i? >> you can't fire somebody from hr for not being able to read. incredible. we are a country run by the academic government complex. this is a nation of -- this is the nation's leaders who are nothing but grad schoolers and this is exactly what they want. >> i hate the elites. >> i do too. thank god you are not 1 of them. >> are you gavin or james? >> i am jimmy. >> where was i? >> you hate the elites. >> i hate the elites and you in the green room, you thought because i have an english accept i must b elitist.
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>> you have an accent and it seems a little more -- >> first time on the show and i am a geezer? >> not in an american sense, but a british sense. hello, geezer, how are you doing? i am a fan of your veer knack lar. i can tell your dad used to work in -- >> he was upstairs. >> a fruit stand kind of guy. a blue collar tough guy. your accent seems a bit toned up. it seems a wee bit posh and sean connery, if you will. how do you talk in your sleep? >> this is how my dad would speak, okay this is that how you talk in your sleep? >> that's what i'm talking about. you are a yorkie or something. >> i am not. i am from darby.
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>> that is north. >> it is mid-land. >> aye, a midland maned. why are you talking a northern. >> if you come to america you reinvent yourself. i did. >> well, it is thought working. stick to the infomercials and talk about dicing carrots. >> you got me. >> you are a midlands man. >> the problem is jimmy came to america to reinvent himself too and oh god. he is still working on it. >> here is my theory and trying to remember what this topic was about is really hard. dana, the thing about peace nicks, the only way a peace nick can exist is the back of a war nick. that is the only way a pacifist could exist. >> i am into putting more money in. she also says in this bill that she wants to have this department help end bullying.
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but the federal government is the biggest bully in the country. they bullied them into taking more money, it is like the dope dealer thing. if they just take a look in the mirror -- >> can i talk about something here? it is a crucial detail with the proposal that is rare and it is new and it is very concerning. that is the discourse of academia is slipping into politics. >> absolutely. >> the idea of the ratification of hate and the promoting peace and all of that, and then you really hear it in politics, but now it has all moved in. >> we are taken over -- >> the silly language is creeping in. >> the department would work with other agencies sharing peace findings and assisting the international community in peace endeavors including fostering conflict resolution. >> it sounds good when you say it. >> it may as well be a kir
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curriculum for the courts. >> but also we are ignoring a big thing here. it is not like this is actually going to happen. >> one woman who had her face time and it was like, here we go with the peace and here we go with my department and zoom in for my close up. >> here is what i am thinking. could it be the democrats are secretly -- jay he is no longer with them. >> it is not just her, but a bunch of people. we play with peace in order for iran to take the bait, and then they invade and then we bomb them. they are actually -- by playing the possum, you actually create war. >> i talked to you about this. never play with possums. that's how i have four fingers rather than five. >> they look cute, but they are just giant rats. >> that's true. let's move on. >> peace out. >> nice. >> it was a banned phrase. >> i like that. >> i know you want to do
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something like that. >> well done, young lady. from yahoos to yahoo!. does no commute no longer compute? she doesn't want employees working from home anymore. it is somewhat puzzling for such an internety company. an internet note explained how staff working side by side benefits communication and collaboration. quote, some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people. people here avoid me. an impromptu team meeting and speed and quality are sacrificed when we work at home. you can't unnerve a -- a young intern with long uncomfortable stairs when you are on the sofa. the memo was leaked and they said it would hurt working moms and they questioned whether it was even legal. with no more working from home , these days are over. >> do you want to get out? >> yes.
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>> as soon as you flush the toilet it will get out. >> flush the toilet. >> that is disgusting. who shows that video? i had no idea -- >> who takes the video? >> you should see what fell on the cat in the first place. >> i don't want to think about that anymore. here is the thing. i greaty with what she said. i agree with what she said, but she also built a nursery in her office to bring her baby to work. not everybody has the luxury. >> not everybody is doing that. she is taking some heat. but this is a company that needs new innovation and better communication and collaboration. if they don't have something that is new, that company was going to be extinct so those people who get to work from home would be permanently at home because they wouldn't have jobs at all. i admire this step, but there is a little huh poke craw see in it that she worked for google for a longtime and has a ton of money or maybe google
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or facebook or one of those that makes a ton of money. >> you don't see what it is, except it takes all of your time because you sit and play with it in your office and then get fired. stewart, you are the business guy here. do you lose the best talent by saying they have to come in? >> do we lose the best talent by saying they have to come in? >> you have to come into a tv studio to do tv. that's the way it is. working from home essentially is goofing off. is that not the classic excuse? you are sitting there and not really -- >> are you using your hands. >> it is not goofing off. it is whacking off. >> i think our audience knows precisely what that means. jay oh they understand. -- >> owe they understand. >> not to get too in depth, the problem at home is you are more likely to do things you normally wouldn't do at work, and that ends up taking more and more time, and you become a weird owe. >> true. >> like what?
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>> it depends on the company. my son ran a magazine for many years and it was about contributors. he wanted to pull from the entire globe. for him, for a magazine to have everybody in the same room typing away was detrimental to the event actual productivity. the odds of the best people being within 30 minutes were quite low. however, if you know running a global con at the present -- content organization you want them in there. we know when you are alone you are going straight to the -- are you in your pj's. the little bean will say to the big bean, can we get a minute here pal? and you will say again for christ sakes? so it depends on the company. the local plumming company by all means no one can stay
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home. but for some merit to be derived from a global community maybe they should be able to go. >> that was a beautiful way of endorsing master because. >> it sounds like a carnival cruise. >> wank is called self-indulgence in britain. >> like a merchant banker. >> somebody knows their slang. >> that was good. trouble and strive nails it again. >> around the corner. >> use your loaf. >> loaf of bread, head, use your head. >> spoken like a true accept particular. >> what is that. >> a septic tank. i never heard that one. >> have you completely eradicated your blue collar
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englishness? >> i got rid of it 40 years ago and reinvented myself. >> do you know what shaw rap national is? >> it is changing. >> it is change in your pocket. i know that. >> i was the guy who in march 1971 was a london transport bus conductor, and that what is the day when england switched from the old currency to the new decimal currency, speaking of change. you had to take the old money in and put it in your right hand pocket and give them changing in your -- in the new money out of the left. utter, utter chaos. >> the change soundy very old, stewart. we are pealing back the onion layer to the true stuff. he is in there.
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>> now i say, change. >> can you hear me thomas the tank engine? >> bill, i want to get you in this. we con constantly ask you to work at home even when we are taping the show, and yet you still come in. what is it about your home life you detest so much? >> i don't have an indoor loo. that is british for lat room. for bathroom. two can play at this. unlike in my building i don't have a lift. that's an elevator. i know this stuff too. i never had a problem when i freelance. i did it for two years. i never had a problem making deadlines. but the alone time does tend to make one odd. you lose all ability to socialize with others. you constantly grapple with the idea of having a cocktail after 5:00 p.m. rather than before noon. noon always wins. you watch a lot of weird stuff. i remember there was one thing they were saying about how on average people at home work longer hours and that's because they get far less done
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in the hours they are working. as a result they are working 10 times longer because they have to get a, b and c done. >> there is a benefit of working at home when you have people in your office who make microwave popcorn. i hate who ever it is on 18th floor making the microwave popcorn. i never caught the culprit, but it smells up the whole floor. if you are at home you can just just -- you have your own smells. >> larry david made an rnt poo point and i -- an important point. his mother said when you get up in the morning you have to have a place to go to. even if you are worth $100 million you have to get an office. you have to get up and leave. if you don't leave you lose a part of yourself. you have to put on your clothes. >> you have to put your pants on. i know people that work at home and they just walk around the block and get a coffee and come back just because there needs to be some sorts of defined, we are beginning the day.
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you have -- >> you have to rub up against somebody else. i have to rub up against you. >> see how healthy that is? >> we have to take a break, you crazy people. what is the best way to get rid of a body? dana perino discusses her latest book, what i learned in the white house. and did miss teen delaware do porn? "red eye" is not above doing these stories, said no one.
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>> did she choose cash over the sash? miss teen delaware gave back the crown after a video surfaced on-line this week. a porn site posted the tape featuring a woman who looks and sounds a lot like melissa king. the 18-year-old pageant winner
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denies it is her, but she did through her lawyer voluntarily relinquish her thrown. the video starts with the young lass being interviewed on a bed. when asked why she wanted to do her first adult video she says, quote, i thought it would be fun and i sounded -- and it sounded like i needed the money. she acknowledges that she has done beauty pageants. after the q and a she and the dude had sex which is typical in porn. we will show you part of the tape, but a warning to sensitive viewers. it is graphic. who knew she was into bears? stewart, she is an adult. should we judge how she makes her money, or is it over for her? >> look, everybody who has ever been a teenager has done some really, really stupid things. i think this is one of them. i think you can forgive it,
12:26 am
forget it, walk away from it, although the videotape lives forever. but first i would say, look, forgive the poor, young woman. use this as an example. you don't ever do this kind of stupid thing. >> this is the issue, 30 years ago there was no on-line. there will be nothing of me anywhere which saves me a lot of problems. >> you won't get those royalties. >> believe me. i spend a lot of time with royalty in those films. dana, since you already talked, what advice would you give her? you work this -- you work in pr. >> the quote bothers me. it said it sounded like i needed the money. there is probably some guy sick and twisted telling this girl saying you need the money. she said i think i need the money. >> i didn't think she would do that though. i thought it was more up lifting for the human spirit. i didn't say porn. >> i feel bad for her. i do. i think she was preyed upon.
12:27 am
>> jimmy, you actually are a grandfather. >> i am. >> you have a granddaughter. the thing about -- doesn't it bother you in a way that it is the men who watch this stuff, and yet they have sisters and mothers -- >> the men. the men we don't know. who are these people? >> not at this table. >> that is the elephant in the room when a man discusses porn. he has obviously looked at it in the past 24 hours. i have an out for that. an app or an out? >> out, o-u-t. we enjoy porn, but we also enjoy boxing. you don't want your son to have the same background mike day -- mike tyson had. it is fun to watch him fight. although porn is a horrible thing, it is a enjoyable thing to pursue. >> no one has ever explained it that way. >> i would be more tau fight if my granddaughter got involved, obviously, but i do watch it. you know you are not watching
12:28 am
the average gal. she has been through hell. >> the problem is though she is an average girl. >> that's why it is wrong. she has to give off her sash. you can't wear that. what is acceptable to sane people is you are allowed to be attractive, but we can't go to the point where it is envoking a link. i am not against wanking in that venue, but as for hard core human beings mike tyson fought since he was a wee kid. it is terrible. it is a tragedy you had to live like that, but if you are going to be in the ring i will take a wee peek. >> that might be the most saw fest indicated explanation to pornography i ever heard. >> one more thing. what happens if you put somebody in the ring with mike tyson who has never been,
12:29 am
whammo. they are out. that's why i don't like these young girls, these suicide girls, these nice girls getting involved. they get annihilated. >> that is a -- >> i am deep, by the way. >> you are very deep. that is the best explanation of why this story bugs me. it bugs me. bill, you have done a lot of on-line porn, but yet on youtube you have zero views. >> i won't even look at it. i gross myself out. i should delete that. and then i get distracted. i don't feel bad for melissa because give it 10 years. 10 years at this point the way things are going, a past like this will be tantamount to look agent somebody who has not paid a parking ticket. somewhat point everybody will have something like this in their past because they are all sexing. >> look at their success like the kardashians. >> we look at that because we don't hear the other one. for every 1,000 or 2,000 women you get one kardashian.
12:30 am
that has an expiration date too, don't you think? that was met with complete silence. >> i don't under what you are saying. outrage has an expiration date? >> her popularity. what is the question here? the question is is she going to be a mess in 20 years or should she give back the sash? jay should she have given it up? >> yes. >> she did give it up. >> live the life of mike tyson. >> we feel bad for her, right? >> yes,. >> you have to. >> but she also -- in all of this -- if this happens to other young girls i agree with bill. they are going to have to grow a thicker skin and realize that is out there and it will always be out there and you have to move on. draw a big bold line and say that was then and this is me now. >> i wonder with pamela anderson her kids are of adult age and in class and some guy passes the phone and says this is your mom with tommy lee. that will drive you nuts. >> but you have the pin up
12:31 am
stars of greta grable or what is her name? >> betty grable. do you have a video of your animal doing something go to fox eye. still to come, half time report from tv's andy levy. no one would film him. disgusting guy. awful. jay tonight's half time report is sponsored by ice cream. the frozen convection that can be eaten by itself or in a sunday. thanks, ice cream.
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>> we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. hi, andy. >> hi, greg. >> how are you? >> great, thanks. making you work for it. department of peace building. dana, you said we need a secretary of adorable people and you not so subtlely volunteered yourself. you can't do that. that's like giving yourself a nickname. you can't do it. >> you can do it. dick cheney did it. he was named to the search committee to get a vice president, and he went through all of the motions and he said it was the best thing he ever did was appoint himself to the search committee and then made himself vice president. don't you see? >> i see what you are saying. you can't do it. and don't compare yourself to dick cheney. >> this is a guy who was ambudsing my blog to the
12:36 am
huffington post and now what is he? you were ambudsing my blog to the huffington post and then you were an ambudsman. >> that's what happens actually in dc. you start floating your name. anna wintore. remember there were sayings she was going to be ambassador? you have to throw out some chum to see if anybody will eat it up jie. she did not become the am bees deer. >> it did not work in her case and i will not become the secretary of peace building. >> you ruined that chance. stewart, what made you stop being a commi? >> i ended up in hong kong which is the ultra capital of society and it worked and i loved it. case closed. >> so it was a woman. good to know. bill you said dennis kusinich could share an office with you.
12:37 am
you understand the problem with that statement? >> i don't have an office. how is your office doing? >> as well as yours. >> for the people at home, the way you see the split screen is exactly how they work. get rid of me. they sit next to each other and they have to face each other because their desks are joined and when they are working they look at each other. >> well, no, here is how i look at andy. this is my computer screen. if i have to give a knowing look i will go like this. and then back to work. working. now we look. working. now we look. >> i never heard of work before. >> it is funny because it is true. there is a lot of great self-promotion that can count as work. >> and it makes you a very well rounded news consumer. >> dana, you said we need a department of know.
12:38 am
you want to put your name out there? >> i am not quoting my name. >> i am afraid to bring this up, but jimmy mcguinness had a theory of who should run the department of know. do you remember this 1234. >> i always said the -- i always said the perfect president was over the age of 92 and he does president -- doesn't speak english and he learns the word of no. we are thinking of raising the salary of teachers and he says no. >> it goes. isn't no a japanese theater? >> i think it is a last name. >> that will make it easier to pronounce. >> stewart, you said you hate the elites. i assume you were referring to those people with degrees from the london school of economics who host national tv shows? >> yes. >> just checking. bill you said the whole department of peace keeping is
12:39 am
never going to happen and that this is just one woman. i agree it is never going to happen, but it has eight co-sponsors. >> so does bill. it is actually another eight sponsors. >> although none of them have heard from him in a longtime. >> he is one bill with many sponsors. >> i crossed them over and now they have their own sponsors. >> yahoo! says no to working at home. dana you says this company needs to do something new and innovative and you admire marissa meyer for doing this. i get it too depending on the work of course. i don't think you can argue with the fact that as the yahoo! hr memo says some of the best insights come from cafeteria discussions and meeting new people,ett set raw. >> it is like how a lot of people have their best ideas in the shower. i think what they are saying is if you see people in the hallway you will have a great idea. i am like that. when i am walking down the hall i say i thought of something for you.
12:40 am
if i am at home and looking at pictures of jasper i don't get as much done as i should. >> the only thing that happens at hallways in work is this. >> that's not true. we work in a hallway. and that's where we come up with the ideas for the show. >> that's true. people go by and they say what's up? >> he has an alcove in the hallway. >> and meyer did come from google. >> all of those things that make a billion dollars. >> it was google. she was employee number 20. >> that's why she has one of the early e-mails. >> and also why she has a lot of money. >> and lots of nannies. >> jimmy, you said your son ran a magazine and it makes sense to have writers all over the world not there which is logical. did your son have an editorial staff that worked with him in the office? >> it was mostly by himself.
12:41 am
i would assume yahoo! would benefit from a global community i totally get the let's get together mentality. what i don't get is why yahoo! would be spearheading it. they are the least likely to benefit from it. >> i don't get the sense she is not talking about it. i think she meant like if you live in the area you are coming to the office. >> here is another thing, i would rent a desk and the thing about living in new york is you are sitting around and you are checking your facebook and you see the guy next to you going -- and then you go i've got to get it together here. what am i doing? >> we did a story today on "the five" and andy you may not be familiar with the show, very successful. the kid who walked 10 miles for a job interview and given a job by a restaurant tour who saw him on the street. he walked 10 miles for a job
12:42 am
interview, people should be able to go to work. >> we are social beings. that's why i am against home schooling. we are meant to be among everybody else. it is good for us. >> however that is changing. >> have i to move on because i am being -- i have to move on because i am being cut of on. i have to move to the last story. miss delaware teen usa. greg, first of all thanks for pointing out that people having sex is typical in pour. in porn. >> why. >> dana, you mentioned that melissa king or whomever the woman in the video was said she is doing it because she needs the money. tmz is reporting that you which dana you correctly informed smee a pour gnaw -- informed me is a pornographic web destination they gave her $250,000 to be called miss porn. they don't want her to do porn and be nude. they just want her to tour around the world and be a spokesperson. >> what she says in the interview is she was told that it sounded like she needed
12:43 am
money. not that she needed the money, but it sounded like it. now they are saying we will give you $250 so you get a different crown and you can wear this your whole life. and for $250,000 it will not take her very far even if it is in delaware. >> i don't think she will do it. just lastly, greg, you mentioned that she still hasn't admitted it is her in the video. i checked her twitter feed, and here are some things she retweeted. everybody makes bad decisions. nobody is perfect. bad decisions does not make you a bad person. stop acting like you are all perfect. and then she herself tweeted once you move on in life people shouldn't try to use your past against you. let them be happy. >> like offering $250,000. >> she hasn't admitted it, but she admitted it. i am done. >> you are done, andy. go away. >> melissa's life is just beginning. >> it is a new chapter in her pick for rail book. the coffee table book, the
12:44 am
glass coffee table. coming up, what makes the healthiest breakfast for energetic women? dana perino on her new cook book "i only eat kittens" and does this commercial promote bestiality? god i hope so said my uncle seth. shut up, uncle sheet. this -- uncle seth. this is my show and not yours.
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should she be allowed to walk just to give talks? lyndsay lohan wants a reprieve so she can give inspirational speeches to youngsters. the actress' lawyer has asked her on going probation violation case be postponed so she can do charity in the name of a stripper. according to court documents obtained by e! news she is open to participating psa and schools and hospitals where she can give inspirational talks and she wants to start a foundation to benefit young
12:48 am
people who will supply her with cocaine. >> what? >> i am kidding. lohan faces misdemeanor charges in connection with a car crash last year, discuss the in. >> lightning rooooouuuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> very good, day that you. stewart, you keep up with lohan more than anybody. can she turn this around? jay she is pleading with -- >> she is pleading with a judge that, yes, this is the turn around moment. why should i believe her? do you believe her? does anybody believe her? >> i believe her. >> i have to say, i do feel very, very bad for a youngster, anybody in the grip of drugs. >> thank you. >> you have to feel bad for them. >> bill, you are not young. >> what about a guy in his 40s using drugs?
12:49 am
what do you feel about that. >> same way. >> and can you make a grip so you can handle more drugs? is it something you can combine both hands and do a double grip? >> day that you you mentor young woman. why not offer to help this poor misguided youth? >> me help lyndsay lohan? >> yes. >> why? i don't think she has done anything to deserve but going to jail for awhile. >> that's a good point. she hit a few car. >> and she lied and obstructed justice. i don't know what else. >> she wrote the f-word on a fingernail during court. >> that was adorable. >> it was adorable. >> she has done drugs as a youngster. >> his poit is i have minutemen forking. it is like speed dating, but mentoring for young women. positive, hopeful thing. i would never invite her to be a mentor for these young women. what will she tell them to do? >> she should not be mentoring young woman because she is obviously not doing a great job, but she is very adept at
12:50 am
doing drugs, and she was to do a talk i as somebody in my early 60s, i would love to do cocaine again. that was my thing in the 70s. >> you were the one in the 70. >> i feel like age would be a gift be god. the chemotherapy would be a hug compared to the hangovers you get. or even pot. i smoked the new joints they have and it is so intense that if there is a commercial about bankruptcy you are bankrupt. i would like her to help geriatrics like myself to get back into drugs. should we have a joint? help us get back on the horse, you know what i mean? >> literally the horse. >> i actually have no idea what you mean, but i kind of followed along. >> she is a drug expert. we would love to do drugs, but
12:51 am
we can't handle the modern drugs. >> i don't know anything about drugs. >> they are great. >> they are not great. they are destructive and they ruin your life! iment that completely. >> you are not making eye contact with the viewer. >> if there is one thing that em pho sighses a -- emphasizes a yes is a ss. >> and the playing with the pen. any poker player would tell you. >> you thought this was a pen? >> it is time to take a break. and joy of hate, bookstores, amazon, autographed copy. g
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
12:55 am
>> an advocacy group said they are promoting bestiality. they say the pig ad is unnecessary. they started a petition to get it pulled. take a look, look takers. >> just used by geico app to get a tow truck. it will be here in 30 minutes. >> that means we won't be stuck up here for hours with thouing to do? with nothing to do? >> oh, i get it. you want to pass the time, huh? fruit ninja. >> dana, the woman does act like she wants to make out with the pig. >> wouldn't you want to make out with the pig?
12:56 am
he is absolutely adorable. millions of moms have nothing better to do. they need a part-time job and consider working for marissa mayor at yahoo!. the thing they should -- >> call back. >> the thing they should sue geico about is when he says wee, that is annoying. they should sue for annoyance and not bestiality. >> you are an ad guy or your son is an ad guy because he makes ads. >> the question is not really in there. >> the problem is it assumes people who lust pigs are somehow wrong. that angers me. i am a huge bill clinton fan. what he has done has worked not just as a president, but humanitarian stuff is incredible. ism to erase a group is i'm hour tall.
12:57 am
immortal. >> keep me out of this one. >> bestiality, nothing to say. >> nada. >> what do you have to hide? >> what are you hiding? >> do you live on a farm? >> i do, actually. >> that's on the farm now we know what is going on in your weekend. >> and he has wild boar on the farm. >> speaking of wild boars, final thoughts? >> we took the time and i have nothing to say. do you have four hours? it is about bestiality. come back and i will say more. have you read my blog? >> we will come back with a wrap up.
12:58 am
12:59 am

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